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Behind the scenes at the Notting Hill Carnival

Europe’s biggest street party, an estimated 1million+ revellers – this year sweltering in record 33c heat as they enjoyed the 55th edition of the Notting Hill Carnival.

Business Intelligence

Traditional footfall analytics solutions require infrastructure - whether that's cameras, infra-red, counting mats, or other sensors. Mobile apps provide a cost effective solution. An accurate picture of both onsite and offsite behaviour can be built by gathering detailed data from a sample of customers.

People Counting & Customer Tracking: Counters vs Wifi vs Apps

Each of the main people counting and customer tracking technologies have important advantages, but also limitations. So in deciding what technology to deploy, it’s vital to fully understand the application, and what each technology can deliver.

Contextual marketing and footfall analytics need background location data

The first question you should ask about any indoor positioning or location service - Does it work in background? Your customers' phones spend a lot of time in their pockets.

How location and beacon data analysis can mislead

Location and beacon data gathered from mobile phones is affected by sampling rate variation. Without correction, business analysis can be flawed. Here's what you need to know.

Lasering in on Experiential Marketing ROI

Establishing the true value of Experiential Marketing activity has generated plenty of head scratching over the years. But now there’s ground-breaking location-based technology which shines a light into what has previously been a something of a black hole.

5 Data Analytics Conferences to Attend in 2017

The right event can help you stay ahead of the game, network with like-minded people, learn more about data analytics and get inspired. Here our five data analytics conferences we think are worthy of your consideration.