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Contact tracing for workplaces

CSWIM provides simple contact tracing using your existing Aruba or Cisco WiFi, helping create a safe environment for the return to work and return to campus.

The same contact data can be used for contact tracing, contact analytics and for targeting more frequent Covid testing at groups with the highest levels of contact.

The need for contact monitoring

To plan control measures, and understand their effectiveness, you need to measure transmission risk. CSWIM measures the amount of contact, and analyses where, when and with whom it’s happening.

The need for compliance monitoring

Social distancing brings new procedures and rules such as maximum occupancies, and designated routes and bubbles. CSWIM helps you monitor compliance and identify individuals and groups who may need reminding.

The need for utilisation information

New limits on the availablity of facilities can be frustrating and reduce productivity. CSWIM provides employees with utilisation trends and live status to plan their working day.

CSWIM deck

Download to find out more about our workplace distancing and contact tracing solutions.

Zero overlay

CSWIM takes advantage of the Aruba or Cisco WiFi network already installed, and the mobile phones that almost every employee brings to the workplace. For sites with complete WiFi coverage, this is a truly software only solution.

Instant deployment

CSWIM takes 5 minutes to connect to cloud (Aruba Central or Cisco DNA Spaces) or on premises (Aruba ALE) data sources. Access points are assigned to places in the web UI. And the only other setup required is to upload a list of employees and their network usernames.


One system provides all the tools needed to manage exposure risk. Occupancy limits, group isolation (bubbles), contact tracing, and targeting of regular cleaning and deep cleaning. As well as providing employees with live occupancy information.

Reliable and robust, proven across hundreds of deployments each year.

CSWIM is a brand new product for companies facing a new problem. But the underlying location tracking and analytics platform has been proven across the world in some highly challenging environments.

Product Tour Video

Watch a full deep-dive product tour video to learn about CSWIM's key features, and how easy it is to set up and use.

Step 1

Contact sales to confirm your subscription and receive your CSWIM login. Monthly subscription fees are based on £/€ 5 per AP with no annual contract required.

Step 2

Enter your network details into the CSWIM console to establish a data connection. It's a five minute process.

Step 3

Setup places and people. Import access point MACs and employee network logins.

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Download the CSWIM sales deck to find out how our workplace COVID management solution can be quickly and easily deployed in any workplace.